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Current Membership Levels and Pricing

New memberships will now have anniversary expiration dates. Multi-year memberships are now available.

Professional Members

1 year = $145, 2 years = $280, 3 years = $420

Cardigan Boutique Sunday Saturday winter Boutique winter Those who work in academia, government, and laboratories, industrial or commercial environments.

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Postdoctoral Associate

1 year = $75, 2 years = $140, 3 years = $210

Those who have received their doctorates and are employed as postdoctoral associates.

Graduate Student Member

1 year = $55, 2 years = $100, 3 years = $150

Those pursuing a degree in the field at the graduate level.

Undergraduate Student Member

1 year = $40, 2 years = $70, 3 years = $105

Those pursuing a degree in the field at the undergraduate level.

Emeritus Members—Free

Awarded, upon application, to retired persons who have reached age sixty-five and who have been Society members continuously for twenty years or more. Contact Us for more information or to become an Emeritus Member.

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Retired Members

1 year = $75, 2 years = $140, 3 years = $210

For those who do not qualify for Emeritus, but are retired from plant science professional careers.

Give Your Students Roots

Help your students put down roots—provide them with membership in ASPB!

Have you thought about sponsoring your student’s or postdoc’s ASPB membership? If you submit their membership application with your membership fee (if you are not already current), you will get a $5 discount on the membership fee for each student you sponsor. All you have to do is submit this application.

Why provide ASPB membership to your student? Students are the future of plant biology; if we get them involved now, they are more likely to stay involved throughout their career.

Give Your Students Roots so they can grow to become an integral part of the plant biology community.

Click here to apply today or contact for more information.

Section Dues

$5 section memberships can be purchased during the join and renew process. JOIN A SECTION

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Redeem 50–60 JournalMiles for ASPB membership.

Cardigan Sunday winter Saturday winter Boutique Boutique The Plant Cell and Plant Physiology recognize the value of your contribution to the plant science community and have instituted Journal Miles awards. As a small token of our gratitude, we assign 10 Journal Miles for each review completed in a timely manner. Your Journal Miles will accumulate with each review you complete and will be active for 24 months. They may be redeemed for merchandise or membership in the American Society of Plant Biologists.