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Help contents

About SwaggerHub
Suede Bomber Jacket Jacket Bomber Suede Creating a SwaggerHub Account
Getting Started With SwaggerHub
Collaboration on SwaggerHub
Swagger 2.0 Tutorial
OpenAPI 3.0 Tutorial
OpenAPI/Swagger How-To
Jacket Jacket Suede Bomber Suede Bomber
Creating a New API
Importing OpenAPI Definitions
Forking an API
Saving an API as a New API
Bomber Suede Suede Bomber Jacket Jacket
Public and Private APIs
Suede Bomber Bomber Jacket Jacket Suede
Publishing an API
Compare and Merge APIs
Downloading OpenAPI Definitions
API Ownership
Suede Jacket Bomber Jacket Suede Bomber
Renaming APIs
Generating Code
Generating Server Stub
Generating Client SDK
Code Generation Options
Deleting an API
SwaggerHub Vendor Extensions
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Bomber Suede Suede Bomber Jacket Jacket Domains
Referring to a Domain
Managing Domains
Domain Ownership
Renaming Domains
Sharing API
Using Comments
Organizations, Projects, and Teams
Create Organization
Rename Organization
Add and Delete Members
Member Roles
Organization Ownership
Access Permissions
Delete Organization
Create Team
Add and Remove Users
Delete Teams
Create Project
Add and Delete APIs and Domains
Add and Delete Members
Share Projects
Delete Projects
Bomber Bomber Suede Jacket Jacket Suede Integrations
Amazon API Gateway
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Amazon API Gateway Lambda
API Auto Mocking
Apigee Edge
Azure API Management
Bitbucket Sync
GitHub Sync
GitHub Push (Legacy)
GitLab Sync
IBM API Connect
Suede Jacket Suede Bomber Bomber Jacket
Style Validator
Team Foundation Server
Account Management
Account Settings
Linking to GitHub Account
Changing Your Password
Renaming Your Account
Deleting Your Account
Plans and Billing
Upgrading to Paid Plan
Changing Billing Plan
Jacket Jacket Suede Bomber Bomber Suede
Updating Credit Card Information
Monthly and Annual Billing
Billing Email for Organizations
Billing Settings
Email Notifications
OpenAPI 3.0 Support
On-Premise Admin Guide
Supported Platforms and Requirements
Installing on AWS (for v. 1.18.5 and later)
Installing on AWS (for earlier versions)
Installing on VMware
Installing on VirtualBox (for v. 1.18.5 and later)
Installing on VirtualBox (for earlier versions)
Activating Your License
Initial Configuration
Getting Started
Accessing the Admin UI
Jacket Bomber Suede Bomber Jacket Suede Static IP Address
Enabling HTTPS
Installing an SSL Certificate
Using a Load Balancer (for v. 1.18.5 and later)
Using a Load Balancer (for earlier versions)
Proxy Settings
Authentication Method
SMTP Server
GitHub Integration
GitLab Integration
Bitbucket Integration
Codegen Templates
Changing Admin Password
License Management
Online Activation
Offline Activation
Maintenance and Upgrade
Backup and Recovery
VM Snapshots
Database Backup and Recovery
Automated Database Backups
Determining Your SwaggerHub Version
Upgrading SwaggerHub
Restarting SwaggerHub
Useful VirtualBox Commands
User Management
Viewing All Users
Deleting Users
Single Sign-On
Bomber Suede Jacket Suede Jacket Bomber Overview
How to: Set Up SSO With Okta
Release Notes
Support and Resources

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